3ina – Cosmetics Brand eCommerce Website

My Involvement

UX – Information Architecture, Navigation, Wireframes, Testing

About the Project

3ina is a cosmetics brand with a flagship store in Covent Garden. I worked on their ecommerce website.

My Involvement

I developed the UX of this site from Information Architecture to Wireframes and Testing. We had regular meetings with the client. I created prototypes in HTML which we used for testing sessions, and I then iterated the ideas in the prototypes based on these findings.

Information Architecture

I developed the site map and navigation of the site


I developed wireframes for every page of the site. Here are a few examples.


For testing, I developed prototypes using designs, wireframes and HTML. This enabled us to test details of interactions and see how users responded to the design, as they could click and scroll around the page just as they would on the final site. I iterated the designs regularly.

Here are a couple of examples of some prototypes we tested: