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Full UX Process

Disco Giggle
Comedy discovery service

The Project

This is my final project from the General Assembly UX course which I completed in Feb 2015. I’ve left it in my portfolio as I used lots of different tools from the UX toolbox here, and also I still believe it’s a viable idea!



The Problem

It is hard for comedy fans to discover new comedians or find gigs to go to. There are many music discovery services but nothing similar for comedy. 

The Solution

I wanted to create a site where users could find comedian and gig recommendations.
In this project I did user research, persona creation, user goals and task analysis, user flows, wireframes, prototypes and usability testing.



I interviewed audience members at comedy clubs and found that none of them had a solid method of finding gigs to go to. I listened to the problems they were experiencing and found out what they needed for an ideal experience.

I affinity mapped the things I heard so that I could draw out insights. 


Some people I interviewed had been more knowledgeable about comedy, while others had been more casually interested.  I created two personas to reflect this learning – the comedy enthusiasts and the casual fans. These users have quite different behaviours and needs.


I thought about what goals my users would want to achieve. People had said they wanted to feel more “in the loop” with comedy, and get recommendations from a service that knows what they like.

After establishing some user goals, I sketched out some user flows.



I sketched wireframes  – bearing in mind the user needs I had learnt about. People want a simple way to find new comedy, and keep updated about acts they like.

I came up with the idea of three feeds for the homepage, which would show updates about acts and suggestions of new ones.



I developed a prototype using HTML, CSS and jQuery. I have been improving the design of the prototype directly into the prototype, in response to feedback I have had from users.


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