El Jimador – Tequila Brand Website

My Involvement

UX – Wireframes, Prototype


El Jimador Tequila


April 2015

About the project

I was brought in to create wireframes and a clickable prototypes for this Tequila brand website. I was provided with user journeys, personas and content. I began sketching on paper and then moved into Axure where I created wireframes and eventually two clickable prototypes – one for desktop and one for mobile.


I set up in a room where I could display my sketches
I toyed around with ideas for a grid for the home page. I cut up separate pieces of paper for the different elements we needed so I could easily move them around and try different layouts.
I sketched out ideas for a fun way for the user to browse through the tequila cocktail recipes by answering simple questions. I also wanted to make it easy for them to change their choices later and immediately see updated results.
Right from the beginning I thought about how all this would look on mobile.

Axure Wireframes

Desktop Prototype
Mobile prototype