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UX Design – Mobile App

NFC Business Cards 

The Brief

The printing company Moo had developed business cards embedded with an NFC chip that triggers digital actions.

They needed an app that allows the user to control what actions are on each card.

The Solution

We began this project with roadmapping sessions. I worked in a team to map out all of the features needed.

Then I worked on user flows, navigation and wireframes to fully define the app.


Working in a team with a project manager and a developer, we mapped out all of the necessary features for this app and established what needed to be done to achieve it. Using Agile methodologies we organised everything into stories and epics.


To aid in figuring out the navigation for the app, I performed a card sort exercise.


I created a user flow which showed all of the possible paths through the app.


Using Google’s Material Design specifications and sticker sheet, I began to lay out high fidelity wireframes in Adobe Photoshop CC.

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